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Welcome to our store!

Meet the artists

We're very excited, proud and honoured to partner with artists who are enthusiastic and passionate about the same things we are, like, body positivity, mental health stigma, disability positivity, chronic illnesses and rare disease.

Daria Starostina

Daria is a young illustrator from Moldova based in the Netherlands. From the moment she made her first solo exhibition at the age of 14, there was no turning back. To be honest, there was no turning back from the moment she was born into an artistic family.

There was a big journey full of travelling and art discoveries, four years in the fashion academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia discovering a passion for printmaking and figure drawing. She also enjoyed dipping into the art world of the Russian cultural capital.

After graduation she was working in small ateliers (workshop for artists), although at this point she started cheating on fashion design with graphic design. Digital art slowly took up all the time and passion. Long story short, now she is an illustrator and designs prints for clothing. With the best of both worlds, artistic passions came together.

She lives in the Netherlands, discovering the European modern art world. On this stage she is realising the importance of telling important things by creating beautiful pictures.

See her art on instagram @dasha_shmasha. 

wheely_good_time (Eva)

I’m Eva (the one on the left...), a UK based designer working mainly with typography and spreading the message about ableism for the disabled and chronically ill community.

I am an ambulant wheelchair user with a neurological disorder and fatigue. I run my own graphic design and digital marketing business called Ryba Media Ltd ( because it means I can work the hours I am up to and also do it from home!

If you fancy joining the conversation come and find me on Instagram.

✌️&❤️ Eva xx

PS. Indie says hello!
See her art on instagram @wheely_good_time.